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with Telenity Digital Services Platform


Telenity DSP is a next-generation digital services platform that enables presenting the digital services of the operator and 3rd parties on top of the operator's network. It is an innovative, all-around solution that leverages the operator's most invaluable assets—network, data, license, charging ability and trustworthiness—to claim its rightful share of the digital services market.

Mastering the Digital

Based on top of Telenity's telecom grade Common Operating Environment (COE), Telenity DSP provides the operator the ultimate medium to market digital services. Covering all facets of the digital services domain, Telenity DSP provides



Telenity DSP provides

  • Partner, service and content management
  • Fraud and consent management
  • Storefront and landing page manager
  • Service subscription manager
  • Campaign manager and product catalog
  • Downselling and nano-credit options for the customer
  • Campaign analytics, monitoring and reporting

all customizable according to the needs and goals of the operator.  

More than a Technology

Telenity DSP is more than a bare technology platform. We also bring you our contracted aggregators and content providers!

With the DSP, your subscribers will always have a myriad of premium content.


Precision Marketing

Subscribers strive to discover worthy content out of the zillions produced.

The Analytics Module mines subscribers' data, makes automatic inferences based on subscribers' past activities and offers intelligent, targeted content, which increases conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Flexible Bundling

The Product Catalog and Campaign Management modules let you easily bundle the digital goods from third parties with your own.


An Operator Branded Shopping App

The Digital Services Platform's Storefront module facilities the creation and maintenance of an operator branded shopping app, resulting in substantial  revenue increase for the operator.

Reduced Time-to-Market

Service onboarding is a time taking process which depends on the number of integration points and the compatibility of the components involved.

Telenity DSP enables quick onboarding with a single integration point. It decreases service deployment time from months to minutes.



Enforce Regulation compliancy on 3rd parties

Telenity DSP eases the process of regulatory compliance by allowing you to set absolute or periodic limits on amounts that 3rd parties can charge subscribers. If the legislation requires you to take buyer's consent with an OTP, the DSP allows you to do that also.


Simple Reconciliation

Telenity DSP offloads the complexities of the reconciliation process from the digital merchants and the operator by managing all the critical aspects of the billing process.

It provides easy administration and monitoring to ensure that the revenue generated by the platform is shared swiftly and properly. 



Effective Fraud Prevention

With Telenity DSP, you can take the subscriber's confirmation on a landing page, ask for confirmation, or set quotas for purchases and app charges. It also empowers your customer-care to refund and unsubscribe customers from services to ensure 100% satisfaction.


Managed Services with flexible Business Model

You can enjoy the benefits of Telenity DSP as a Managed Services as well. Our Enkudo solution bundles the feature rich DSP platform with a diverse portfolio of digital services. We cover the deployment, integration, and operations aspects on a revenue sharing model. No upfront investment for the operator and upside revenue potential for the content providers make it a win-win alternative for all stakeholders.


About Telenity

Telenity is an industry-leading provider of state-of-the-art services and solutions for communications service providers around the globe. We help our customers harness the power of their network with our NFV-enabled, 5G-ready VAS Consolidation Platform and Digital Services Platform, both of which comprise modular products and services that can be tailored to the needs and demands of the operators. Our Digital Services Business Line connects the digital service providers and the operators, creating new streams of revenue for both and enriching the digital experience of the subscribers. It provides unparalleled flexibility in terms of the business models it offers, including revenue sharing, SaaS and managed services.

Through our customers' networks, our products and services enhance the lives of over one billion people worldwide. 

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